Huntsville Junior Service League- Awards

Founders’ Service Award

The Founders’ Service Award was conceived as an annual award to recognize outstanding service.  The recipients have demonstrated the type of unselfish devotion to the goals and endeavors of the Junior Service League of Huntsville that the founders originally envisioned in the creation of the organization.  An engraved silver bowl is presented each year to the new recipient at the annual spring meeting.  It is passed on to the new recipient each year.


Katherine Dowling, Sheron Driessner, Jane Henderson, D.J. Hinton, Jane Monday, Patty Praytor, Judi Richard, and Joan Shaddock.

Founders’ Service Award Recipients

1975-1976 Billye Muecke

1976-1977 Jeanie Toney

1977-1978 Carolyn Janey

1978-1979 Pat Tracy

1979-1980 Elsie Davis

1980-1981 Diane Harris

1981-1982 Regina Mathews

1982-1983 Peggy Graving

1983-1984 Nancy Bounds

1984-1985 Leanne Woodward

1985-1986 Jan Davis

1986-1987 Gloria Graves

1988-1989 Patricia Johnson

1989-1990 Pam Lane

1990-1991 Janet Ridley

1991-1992 Kim Sanders

1992-1993 Charissa Gibson

1993-1994 Vivienne McGehee

1994-1995 Cindy Pierce

1995-1996 Judy Keith

1996-1997 Sabrina Hamilton

1997-1998 Tiffany Prestwood

1998-1999 Sandra Plugge

1999-2000 Cindy Markham

2000-2001 Mita Grisham

2001-2002 Rhonda Coffey

2002-2003 Debbie Stubbs

2003-2004 Margo English

2004-2005 Christen Maltsberger

2005-2006 Connie Spencer

2006-2007 Jennifer Ward

2007-2008 Sonja Hartsfield

2008-2009 Joy Mallory

2009-2010 Claire Downe

2010-2011 Heather Johns

2011-2012 Abbie Volz

2012-2013 Sarah Bass

2013-2014 Paige Loft

2014-2015 Amy McCormick

2015-2016 Christy Atkins

2016-2017 Megan Foley

2017-2018 Sandee Harding

2018 – 2019 Katie Fritsch

2019-2020 Founders’ Award- Darla Faulkner.

 2019-2020 President’s Award- Callie Dobbs.

2019-2020 Provisional of the Year- Maritza Santos.

2020-2021 Founders’ Award- Rachel Hail

2020-2021 President’s Award- Stacey Roberts

2020-2021 Provisional of the Year- Courtney Rose

2021-2022 Founders’ Award- Lauren Hodge

2021-2022 President’s Award- Jennifer Smock & Tiffany Steele

2021-2022 Provisional of the Year- Jenn Jones

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