Mobile Food Truck ~  Come join JSL for FREE fresh produce and groceries from the Houston Food Bank.

Volunteers are needed to direct traffic, unload the truck, prepare the food, and distribute to our guests. Everything works best when we have 40-50 volunteers.  Let us know you are coming by signing up at the following link… VOLUNTEER SIGN UP.

7 thoughts on “Events

  1. When will the food truck be back in Huntsville? I asked a couple of weeks ago and got no response. The notice has not been changed since August.

  2. Are you no longer offering the food Bank distribution through your organization? I noticed that the web page has not been changed since August 2021. I have inquired once before in October and receive no answer so I am trying again. Thank you for all you do as a service organization. It seems like when your play for all project was completed so was the food Bank distribution.

  3. When will the food truck be back at the church of Christ? I do not have Facebook or any of those other social media accounts and have no other way of knowing unless you post it on the web or something. It is August 2022 and I have not been able to receive food from your organization because there is no notification of when it will be distributed. Your dates are variable so there is no real way of knowing unless you post them somewhere or word of mouth. I live by myself and I have no family locally to tell me things and when they take place. Hopefully you will start posting it on the web again instead of just social media so that all can be involved instead of just those that can afford a computer or something or someone that wants to share their entire life with the public on Facebook just to be able to eat. Please find a way to rectify this problem as you are missing half of the population in your endeavor to help because of your lack of communication to anyone other than social media. This really is a problem even if you do not realize it. Some of us older people just do not have the computer knowledge necessary to keep up with Facebook etc.

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