The Junior Service League was conceived as the result of dinner at the Richards’ home in February 1975.  The first meeting was held at the home of Jane Henderson, with Katherine Dowling, Sharon Driessner, DJ Hinton, Jane Monday, Patty Praytor, Judi Richards, and Joan Shaddock.  It was agreed that these eight ladies would invite two friends each to become part of the new organization.  At the meeting a charter was signed and officers were elected.  A month later, these twenty-four charter members brought one friend each and the Junior Service League of Huntsville began its first official year with forty-eight enthusiastic members.

The incorporation of the Junior Service League of Huntsville by the State of Texas in July 1976 was the first step towards achieving a tax-exempt status.  The status was granted to the League in July 1977.

Many projects have been headed up by the ladies of the Huntsville Junior Service League since that first year.  Various non-profit groups in the area have received support through volunteer hours and monetary donations from the league.  The group has impacted the community in numerous ways, and countless people have been reached in the giving of more than $234,000.  In 2015-2016 alone, league members served over 2800 volunteer hours.

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