Welcome Wagon ~ Time to begin a new year!!

Last night we enjoyed an evening of fellowship and new beginnings.  It was a pleasure to welcome our new provisional class of members!

prov din 10

Our active membership rolled out the Welcome Wagon to make sure our new members felt the love!  We began the evening with a fantastic dinner catered in part by Wanna B BBQ, and followed by sampling the five flavors of the Pie in the Sky Co. pies we will be selling as our fall fundraiser.   It was all absolutely delicious!!

prov din 5 prov din 1 prov din 4 prov din 3 prov din 2

Thanks to Christy Atkins and Shelby Cadwallader who put their significant talents on display with a gorgeous, rustic décor.

prov din 7 prov din 8

cactus centerpiece

It was a fantastic start to a new year!  I look forward to all the great work we can do together to better our community.

prov din 11

It’s going to be a fun year!!

prov din 12


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