Mobile Food Truck Success!

The mobile food truck from the Houston Food Bank was brought to Huntsville on Saturday by Huntsville’s Junior Service League and Huntsville Church of Christ. Four hundred families attended the event which represented more than 1400 people in total.  Each family was able to take home fresh produce – potatoes, apples, broccoli, squash, and more!  It was an honor for JSL to plan such an important community outreach program!

SHSU athletes came out in support and spent the early part of the morning entertaining the kids who were in attendance. They did an outstanding job of making the time fly by with lots of fun for the children!

food truck 1food truck 2food truck 3food truck 4food truck 5

Everyone was excited to see the truck pull in and immediately worked together to quickly unload the groceries.

food truck 7food truck 8

food truck 9food truck 10food truck 13food truck 12

food truck 17food truck 18

Once the food truck was unloaded, many of the male students helped carry our guests’ bags and boxes through the line and to their cars. What a nice touch!

food truck 14 food truck 15 food truck 16 food truck 23 food truck 22 food truck 21 food truck 20 food truck 19

It was inspiring to see so many people come together to make life a bit better for others! Thanks to all JSL, HCOC, SHSU Athletics, AOA, HISD, FOH, and community members who spent the morning in service!!!

food truck 6 food truck 11

A truck is scheduled for December 6 and February 7, so mark your calendars now to be a part of something big for our community!!

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