Stories of Influence ~ Paying it Forward

After reading our post about Huntsville Elementary School’s need for clothing to use in the event of an emergency, one of our member’s mother-in-law, Phyllis was inspired to lend a helping hand. After shopping for some items to donate to the school, she stopped at a drive through and placed an order.  When Phyllis approached the window to pay and receive her order, she was informed that the person in front of her paid for her meal.  WOW!  Two influential acts in our small community in one day!  It is exciting to hear of such acts of kindness taking place right here in Huntsville, Texas.

Phyllis was inspired by a call to action set forth in the Huntsville JSL social media outlets. Our facebook page and blog can be a catalyst for positive impact in the lives of our community. Be sure to invite friends to “like” our page and follow our blog ( so we can continue to spread positive energy throughout Huntsville and Walker County.

emerson quote

How can you influence a positive change in the life of another today??

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