Mardi Gras Soup Bowls Benefitting Meals on Wheels

Huntsville JSL loves the Meals on Wheels program and is super proud to deliver to one of the many routes each week! This Tuesday, February 17, there’s a fun way to help raise funds for Meals on Wheels…Mardi Gras Soup Bowls.

The purpose of Empty Bowls is to raise funds through donations for hunger relief. This year, the Mardi Gras Empty Bowls event will benefit Meals on Wheels of Walker County.

Empty Bowls is an impressive display of soup cookery. At least 6 different vegan soups will be offered with meat and dairy add ons for those who partake.  The soup will be served in a souvenir bowl donated by local artists.  Guests will receive soup, bread, tea/coffee/water and fellowship.  Seating is dining hall style. Soup and beverages are also available to go.

Guests choose their own donation level.

This year’s Empty Bowls Mardi Gras event will take place at The Eclectic Cafe / Coffeehouse, 1211 19th Street, Huntsville, TX.

Go to the Facebook event and join the mission…Soup Bowl Event





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