Hospitality House Children’s Activity Building is full of art and love!!

Last September, the Huntsville Junior Service League spent an evening of service at the Hospitality House painting some decorations that would hang in the Children’s Activity Building, which was being built at the time. The activity room is now in full use for all kinds of great activities. It is so rewarding to see that some of the art supplies that we donated are being used for their “Art Against the Odds” therapy sessions and old fashioned fun!

The building itself is a collection of many artistic touches like cork walls, huge painted tiles hanging from the ceiling, inspiration art on the walls, and a gorgeous mosaic tile floor. The families who visit the Hospitality House will surely love the time spent in such an amazing area!

It was a pleasure seeing the recent photos the Hospitality House posted on Facebook today!

Hos House art 7 Hos House art 1 Hos House art 4 Hos House art 3 Hos House art 5 Hos House art 6 Hos House art 2

We are SO excited to be a small part of such a huge blessing to the families of inmates, ESPECIALLY their children. To read our September 2014 “Art Against Odds” post click here.

For more information about the Hospitality House, visit their website at

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