JSL Blankets the Blue!

Each year our new members create a service project to fill a need in our community.  Previous classes have created projects such as “Fuzzy Socks” that delivers cozy socks to seniors in a retirement home,  “Fleece Navidad” that  gave blankets to those without heat, and “Cancer Care Bags” which created bags filled with goodies to help comfort those receiving treatment for various forms of cancer.

This year’s class reached out to the Huntsville Police Department to see how the Junior Service League could support our officers.  The PD expressed that when a family encounters a crisis, having something to give them helps to ease the pain of the moment.  The ladies created “Blankets for the Blue” making fleece blankets in bright colors to give to children and families in crisis.  It may seem like a small thing, but there are few things more comforting than a cozy blanket.

JSL-Provisional Class blanket delivery

We are proud to have been able to deliver 15 blankets to the police departments.  It is our great hope that they won’t be needed any time soon.  But when the time comes, hopefully, the blankets can give a bit of comfort and sense of safety to those in need.

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