We have a little bonus for our next food truck!

It is always good to come together and spend quality time while helping our community.  Last night’s social was super fun and will be most helpful to those in our community that could use a little helping hand.

With some of the funds raised from our fall Pie in the Sky fundraiser, we purchased rice, beans and all the spices to put together ready-to-cook bags of rice and beans to distribute at the next food truck.  We believe having a full protein meal to hand out will be a great addition to the fruits and vegetables we will receive from the food bank.

IMG_0024 IMG_0025 IMG_0027 IMG_0030

By the end of the evening, we about 180 family-sized servings of red beans and rice all bagged, tagged and ready to go.     What a blessing these will be to the guests of our April 16th Mobile Food Truck Event!!  These bags were stuffed with a lot of laughter and love and we hope they will be enjoyed over a table of the same!

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