Food Truck served 200 families in Huntsville!

We were blessed with a gorgeous Saturday morning for pouring out love for our fellow citizens of Walker County!  The Mobile Food Truck came to town and more than 200 families in our community were able to benefit from this service!

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While our guests waited for the truck to arrive and be unloaded, they were able to take advantage of medical screenings for blood pressure, diabetes, and other health screenings. Medical professionals were on hand to answer questions and educational material about nutrition and complications of various health issues were available for guests to take home and study.

apr ft 9 apr ft 10 apr ft 11 apr ft 12

The Houston Food Bank delivered a wide range of fruits and vegetables including potatoes, tomatoes, dried cranberries, cabbage, grapefruit and various frozen meats. What a treat to be able to give away protein for our families to build their meals around!!

apr ft 4 apr ft 5 apr ft 13 apr ft 15 apr ft 17 apr ft 14 apr ft 18

Because of our recent Service Social, we were able to pass out pre-mixed bags with all the ingredients including spices to cook red beans and rice. Each bag contained enough for a family of four and had cooking instructions as well. We were thrilled to be able to make another service available on this day of blessings.

apr ft 8

We were so fortunate to have some borrowed grocery carts from Kroger to help our guests load up on food and carry to their cars easily…yay Kroger!  Thank you for the absolutely huge help!!apr ft 19

It was a pleasure to work alongside many community members to serve so many of our neighbors who could really use the help! Thank you to Huntsville Church of Christ for being an awesome partner and opening your doors to the JSL and our guests!!  Also, thank you to all the groups and individuals who came to serve together – Alpha Omega Academy, the SHSU Football Team, the SHSU chapter of Sigma Pi Alpha, Huntsville Church of Christ, and Huntsville citizens.  The Huntsville Junior Service League could not make this event happen without the help of others. We appreciate each and every person who joins us to make such a big impact in our community!!

apr ft 2 apr ft 3

Our next food truck will be in August in conjunction with the Huntsville Church of Christ’s clothing give away.  Stay tuned for details to come.

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