Red beans, rice and everything nice!

We had a great time at our service social this week!  With a new year and new members, it was a time of getting to know each other better while working together make a difference in our community!

With some of the funds raised from our fundraisers, we purchased rice, beans and all the spices to put together ready-to-cook bags of rice and beans to distribute at the food truck next Saturday.  We believe having a full protein meal to hand out will be a great addition to the fruits and vegetables we will receive from the food bank.

red-beans-1rice-img_2699 red-beans-2

By the end of the evening, we had 215 family-sized servings of red beans and rice all bagged, tagged and ready to go.   What a blessing these will be to the guests of our October 8th Mobile Food Truck Event!!  These bags were stuffed with a lot of laughter and love and we hope they will be enjoyed over a table of the same!



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