February = Food Truck LOVE!!

Saturday we had a fantastic day of service and blessings for our community!  The food truck from the Houston Food Bank delivered fresh fruits, vegetables and milk to be freely distributed to any Walker County citizens in attendance. 

food-truck-feb-2017-1 food-truck-feb-2017-2

Huntsville JSL is so proud to be able to bring the 18-wheeler full of fresh food to our community!  We began this project in 2012 and have now brought a total of 15 trucks to Huntsville.  In the past two years, we have made this project a major part of our service to our community and strive to host the food truck 5 times per year.  We could not do this without the partnership with Huntsville Church of Christ, all who support our 2 annual fundraisers, and many countless volunteers. 

A special thanks to Kroger for allowing us to borrow grocery carts to help our guests easily get the food to their cars, and to Bill Fick Ford transporting the carts to and from the church. 

Thanks to all who volunteered with us on Saturday!  We had volunteers from many organizations.  There were several groups of SHSU students from various organizations, Alpha Omega Academy students, Huntsville ISD students, and more! We are especially proud of the group of students who joined us for the first time from Mance Park Middle School.  MPMS is in the process of creating a Junior Service Club and we are so happy to help mentor them as they get their club started.  Those student leaders who attended and volunteered at the food truck, were able to see the value of service. We love being an outlet to inspire others to help our fellow community members. 


Our next Food Truck is scheduled for Saturday, April 8th. 


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