Huntsville JSL Provisionals deliver boxes of SUNSHINE to the SAAFE House!

Each year, the new members to the Huntsville Junior Service League plan and execute a project of their own.  This year’s group of amazing women, created boxes stuffed full of goodies for young children who find themselves at the SAAFE House.  With their lives in chaos, a box full of small gifts could be just what they need to find a bit of happiness in their situation.

The ladies put together items that would be able to brighten the day of a child who is having a tough time.  The boxes are full of coloring books, crayons, playdough, bubble bath, chalk, stuffed animals, balls, paint and paintbrushes, candy, and much more! 

provisional-img_3860 provisional-img_3855 provisional-img_3857provisional-img_3864

The SAAFE House was thrilled with the gift boxes and will deliver to children as needed.  Let’s all hope those boxes are not used for a very long time!! 


 We are incredibly proud of the new Provisional Members and the impact they have made on the children of Walker County.  A little bit of love can go a long, long way!!

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