Your support of our fundraising helps to fund $11,000 in projects in Walker County! Enjoy a wonderful brunch at Mother of Pearl and help us fund more good works!

Did you know that Huntsville Junior Service League gave nearly $11,000 to Huntsville and Walker County last year? We are a service organization that not only serves our community but also supports other organizations that serve our community! Here’s a look at how some of the funds have been used in the last year alone….

$5,000 to our Endowment Scholarship to Sam Houston State University which is awarded annually to a Walker County student.   

$1182.52 to bring the Food Truck to Huntsville

$389.70 to Head Start for Thanksgiving Meals

$2844.68 to purchase all the presents for Santa Shop

$630.76 to host a Sip & See for moms finishing classes at the Pregnancy Care Center

$400 to SAAFE House Purse Bingo

We are funded solely through fundraising and donations so we depend on our community to help out! If you would like to partner with us, please consider joining us at our 4th Annual Mother of Pearl Brunch on April 29th. Tickets are $25, and all proceeds will go back to the community we all love!

Can’t make it on the 29th?  You can still help!  Purchase raffle tickets for a gorgeous UNOde50 set for $5.  Purchase 10 and receive one FREE!

Visit with any JSL member or email to make your reservations.

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