Pie Sales = big DOUGH for local Volunteer Fire Department!

When Hurricane Harvey struck, flood waters rose and caused mandatory evacuations and much damage along the shores of Lake Livingston.  With waters cresting well over the 100 year flood plain, homes were destroyed, streets covered, and many area residents left in great need.  The Thomas Lake Road Volunteer Fire Department stood tall and answered the call. The volunteer run fire department performed many high water rescues and became local heroes to those stranded in the floods.

With the Huntsville Junior Service League’s annual fall pie sales fundraiser beginning only weeks after the devastating hurricane, the ladies of the league wanted a large portion of the funds raised to make a positive impact for local citizens and organizations affected by the hurricane.  Supporting the heroes of the Thomas Lake VFD seemed a perfect match!  We learned that during the storm, the fire department identified many needs.  Atop the list were heavy duty wading boots, safety lights for vehicles and boats, and high visibility rain jackets.

We were proud to be able to present the Thomas Lake Road Volunteer Fire Department with a donation of $3500 to help with the purchase of equipment to make their job safer and more successful for future natural disasters in our area.  What an honor to support those who were such a profound part of the safety and survival of many Walker County residents during Hurricane Harvey!

Thank you to all who purchased pies during our Sweet as Pie fundraiser! We could not have made this donation without your support!

If you see this band of volunteers (heroes) around, give them a pat on the back for rising to the occasion when they were so greatly needed!

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