Give the gift of warmth this Giving Tuesday!

It’s Giving Tuesday!

This giving Tuesday we have teamed up with Walker County Ace Hardware to fill our Santa Shop! The fabulous folks at Walker County Hardware have graciously offered to discount two heaters for donation to Santa Shop. The smaller of the two heaters retails for $39.99, but can be purchased for Santa Shop for only $29.99.  The larger heater would heat several rooms and is discounted from $139.99 to only $89.99.  These special prices are only good for purchases that are being left in our donation bin at the store. To purchase one of these as a gift to our Santa Shop, just visit Walker County Ace Hardware before Friday at noon, pick a heater and leave it in our designated donation area.  We will pick them up on Friday when we begin setting up our Santa Shop.  On Saturday, children in attendance will be able to pick out presents for the adults in their lives.  The heaters are among the very first things to go.  Please consider giving the gift of warmth to a local family!

We are so excited for the opportunity to see Walker County come together to help make the Santa Shop a huge success.  If you are not familiar with this JSL project, here’s a little more information…

What is Huntsville Junior Service League’s Santa Shop?

Huntsville Junior Service League brings a mobile food truck from the Houston Food Bank to town 5-6 times per year.  In December, we add a very special shopping experience for local children to the event.  Our Santa Shop is stocked full of gifts for adults so that children can shop with the help of our JSL elves to find presents to give the adults in their lives at Christmas. Our elves wrap the presents so that the children can experience their parents’ surprise and happiness when they open their gift.  The children are so excited to shop for their parents and many report having never been able to give a gift before this event.  It’s a fantastic way to spread holiday cheer!

In our first four years we have given over 3120 gifts to 495 families.


How else can YOU Help?

  1. You can become a named sponsor of the event for a donation of $100 or more to Huntsville Junior Service League. Call Amy at 936-577-8821 if you would like to be a sponsor.
  2. Donate items! If you have NEW, unused gifts around the house that you will never use, drop them off at Walker County Hardware in the designated box (please no clothing or shoes as children do not know sizes).
  3. Make a tax deductible donation of any dollar amount through Paypal



Santa Shop is December 7th and we are hard at work preparing for a successful event.  We would love your support!

Thank you! We appreciate your Support!

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