Free food distributed tomorrow!

Come see us tomorrow morning at Huntsville Church of Christ for FREE produce from the mobile food truck!! Volunteers please arrive by 8:30. The truck should arrive around 9:00 and we will unload and prepare for distribution as quickly as … Continue reading

We NEED YOU! Volunteers needed for June 9th Food Truck!

Huntsville friends…WE NEED YOU!! The mobile food truck from the Houston Food Bank is coming to town on Saturday, June 9th to distribute FREE produce.  WE NEED VOLUNTEERS!! Currently, only 6 people are signed up and it really works best … Continue reading

Santa is hitching a ride on the Mobile Food Truck on December 3rd!

The 2nd Annual Santa Shop is only 2 weeks away!!  We are so excited to play Santa on the morning of our food truck distribution on December 3rd! Any kids in the area can come and shop for free gifts … Continue reading