Endowment Scholarship Donation

BIG NEWS….We are excited to announce that we are contributing $8,000 to our endowed scholarship! Our goal is to contribute $5,000 each year until we reach the ultimate goal of $50,000 that was set many years ago. Because of the success of the Mother of Pearl Banquet and Pie in the Sky fundraiser, we are able to make a larger contribution than planned!!check for jsl

Last year we reached the $25,000 mark on our endowed scholarship which allowed for the scholarship to pay every other year. Once we reach a total contribution of $50,000, the scholarship will pay annually. This contribution will get us closer to being able to award our scholarship annually without making a payment every other year.

By supporting our annual fundraisers, you are helping us to get closer to the making our dream a reality!logos for jsl blog

Thank you so much for your continual support!!


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