Adopt-a-Family for Christmas

head-start-logoIt has been brought to our attention that Head Start has many families still in need of adopting for Christmas.  If you are interested in helping, here is the information we received. In order to find out which families are still available for adoption, contact Mrs. Dooley at Head Start.

Hi Community Partners,

 Huntsville Head Start is desperately seeking groups, organizations, businesses, or individuals to adopt a family for Christmas. If you are interested in providing Christmas gifts or a gift card for one or more of our Head Start families, call Maria Dooley, Social Services Coordinator at (936) 291-9190.

The adoptee has the option of purchasing gifts for the family members or donating a gift card so that the family can do their own Christmas shopping.

If gifts are donated, at least one gift per family member (including mom, dad) should be donated. They need to be wrapped and labeled, and delivered to the Huntsville Head Start center no later than 4:00 P.M., Wednesday, Dec. 17. 

Please feel free to share and forward this list to anyone who you feel would be interested in adopting a family.

Thank you in advance for your help in getting our families adopted.

Very Sincerely,

Maria H. Dooley

 giftsThank you for considering helping the families in need at Head Start!


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